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by - January 18, 2016

Turns out that Malaysians are enthusiastic about online shopping. They browse, research, compare and then buy online. Do they trust the price and feel secure when buying online? Are discounts and coupons driving them to buy? Discover what Malaysians shop during the festive season. Is Lazada Malaysia is the favorite place to shop? Can we visualize the section of the society shopping online in Malaysia? was inquisitive to know and get answers to these questions. So they surveyed a group of people in Malaysia to find out the answers and then depicted the findings visually for you. CouponBelanja is one of the leading couponing sites in Malaysia

A recent survey conducted online by couponing site showed an increased trust among Malaysians to shop online. Lazada, Groupon, and Zalora are the top three online stores where Malaysians love shopping. It is the young adults between 25 to 40 years of age who buy from online retail stores. Other findings were that consumers are increasingly aware and use smartphones to shop. Discounts and coupons drive online sales in Malaysia. Sale events during festivals attract major spending among consumers. A detailed report is shared below.

Our top findings in the survey were

Malaysians trust online shopping
A whopping 85% trust on prices marked on products during online shopping. Only 15% doubt its accuracy. This supports the fact that the ecommerce market in Malaysia has doubled in the last four years and now stands at more than US$2 billion. There is an estimated 7 million online shoppers in Malaysia.

People love to buy Appliances and Apparels during festivals 
The survey found that shoppers opt to buy Home Appliances during festive season sales. Clothes and accessories are also a popular choice for shopping. 14% look for travel and hunts for exclusive holiday packages. Cars and Jewellery are also items Malaysians will look for buying.

Malaysians look for Coupons online
38% think that coupons are an absolute necessity to shop online. 21% of respondent said they would check to see offers before making a buying decision. Only a meager 4% do not think deals are important to go for online shopping.

Coupon from Coupon Sites
When people search for deals and discounts, they visit coupon sites. 26% of the Malaysians would search for coupon codes before checking out of the store. 18% search on search engines like Google to get latest offers. Social media is fast catching up with people following brands on Twitter and Facebook. Mobile is gaining huge momentum. 11% of Malaysians also look for coupons in the individual ecommerce sites. Only about 8% of the Malaysians do check Newspapers for deals. 

Lazada Malaysia is the favorite
Malaysians love shopping at Lazada. 89% think that Lazada has a wide range of products and have regular deals and offers that make buying at Lazada quite attractive. 51% prefer shopping in  Groupon Malaysia. Zalora, the fashion store, is the third favorite option for shopping, and 46% of respondents voted for it. Ensogo, Rakuten, Shopeemalaysia and Luxola come next. When its travel, 21% of the Malaysians think of Expedia. Foodpanda is the choice among food lovers.

Young adults in Malaysia are shopping
60% of the respondents were between 26 and 40 years of age. People above 41 years of age have also adapted well to the internet and are moving from conventional brick and mortar stores to shopping online. They contribute to 23% of the shoppers online.

Malaysian women love to shop
77% who showed interest in online shopping and look coupons for shopping are women. 

What does this mean?
Global online shopping sites like Groupon, eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Lazada, Alibaba are dominating  Malaysian markets and shoppers shop from all around the world. So local and national ecommerce stores need to compete with global players to continue having a market share.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media have a huge influence on Malaysian and online players have to increase their participation in social networking. Smartphones usage is significant in Malaysia, and online shopping should be a pleasant experience for users.posted from Bloggeroid

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