Turkish Delight Giveaway | #28daysofIstanbul

by - January 07, 2016

Tamat : 21/1/2016

Assalamualaikum lovely people!
It is coming towards the end of our 28 days in Istanbul, so my husband and I would like to give one box of Turkish Delight worth around RM80 for one lucky winner! This giveaway is open to residents of Malaysia or the United Kingdom.

Here are the steps for you to enter:

1. Follow dayanazahari.com, my InstagramMuhammad's Instagram, subscribe to my YouTube channel by simply clicking HERE, and follow Muhammad's flickr.
2. Create a blog post with the title "Turkish Delight Giveaway | #28daysofIstanbul", with the banner above and link it to this blog post here.
3. Post your blog post link down in the comments section.
4. Capture one photo according to theme 'My Favourite Activity' eg. a person eating Roti Canai because you love to eat Roti Canai, or someone running because you love running. Though, it doesn't have to be somebody else it can also be you.
5. Post the photo to instagram, add in the hashtag #turkishdelightgiveaway (please double check your spelling so the photo does not go missing) and tag @dayanazahari and @muhammad_mroslan.
6. Aim to get the highest number of likes possible.

The competition closes on 21st January 2016, 3PM GMT+8 (Kuala Lumpur).

The winner is chosen based on the most number of likes (50%) and creativity and originality of photo (50%).

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2 ulasan

  1. assalamualaikum...yaya dah follow sini....follow back yek...
    mohon kunjungi dan tinggalkan komen di sini

    tq ^_^

  2. All the best mama darwiish! Nanti upload gambar di instagram dan tag kami ya ;).


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